halloweenEach year Halloween is celebrated on 31 st October in many countries around the world. Children dress up as scary characters and go trick-or-treating, which involves visiting different houses in their neighbourhood, accompanied by an adult, and asking for sweats or treats. People often go to parties dressed as scary characters, too. Typical costumes might include witches, wizards, ghosts, black cats and mummies.


October 31st is Halloween. Are you ready to scare and get scared? We bring you some activities, prepare yourself for the party!!

Haunted houseFun games
Dare you enter the Haunted House? Can you find the things you need for your magic spell?
Haunted house

iStock_000002263768XSmallWord games
Trick or treat? Can you match the spooky Halloween words and creatures?

Is a skeleton scary? Or is a skeleton just like you?
The scary skeleton

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